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thumbnail Sep 24

Ana Mendieta: death of an artist foretold in blood

Article by: Sean O’Hagan

The Observer September 22, 2013


The mystery of how the Cuban artist Ana Mendieta fell 34 floors from the window of her New York apartment in 1985 has echoes in the dark, ritualistic images she left behind

thumbnail Sep 23

Leyden Rodriguez Casanova

by:Jordan Levin

Miami Herald  – September 22, 2013


For five years, visual artists Leyden Rodriguez Casanova and Frances Trombly were happily ensconced in a rent-free studio in the Design District, adding to the cachet that helped the neighborhood boom as a cultural destination.

As their landlord and patron, developer Craig Robins, began transforming the area into a luxury shopping destination, the couple went looking for a new home. They tried Miami Beach, Wynwood and Little River before moving last summer to Miami’s next cultural frontier: Downtown.


thumbnail Sep 23

Alberto Jorge Carol – “Authoritarian Form”

“Authoritarian Form,” the work of Cuban artist Alberto Jorge Carol has been awarded the Third Place in the competition American Art Today. The Miami based artist’s work is currently on view at The Bascom, Center for the Visual Arts in Highlands, NC. Previously, this painting was included in the 62nd All Florida Annual Juried Competition and Exhibition, Boca Raton Museum of Art, 2013.

thumbnail Sep 23

Coco Fusco Among Winners of 2013 Absolut Art Awards

Renata Lucas and Coco Fusco have been announced as the winners of the 2013 Absolut Art Award, in Stockholm, by Absolut Art Award Jury President Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

New York-based interdisciplinary artist, writer and lecturer Coco Fusco receives the €20,000 cash prize for Art writing, plus up to €25,000 towards the publication and distribution of a new book, in collaboration with a leading publishing house.

This is the first year that the prize, established in 2009, has been presented both for Art Work and Art Writing.

thumbnail Sep 20

Janet Batet on Antonia Eiríz: “In the Eye of the Sibyl”

Published: September 18, 2013-  Cuban Art News

The curator and critic reflects on a seminal figure in contemporary Cuban art


Earlier this month, the exhibition Antonia Eiríz: A Painter and Her Audience opened at the MDC Museum of Art + Design in Miami. Writer and curator Janet Batet shares excerpts from her essay “Antonia Eiríz: En la pupila de la sibila,” which appears in the exhibition catalogue.

Antonia Eiríz was born in spring, on April 1st, 1929, in the Juanelo neighborhood of Havana. According to the Chinese zodiac she is a snake, and those born under this sign always prefer intellectual challenges. Matters of the body do not interest them, but rather analysis and intuition.

thumbnail Sep 16

Fundación Mario Carreño established in Chile

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Cuban artist Mario Carreño, his descendants have established a Foundation under his name.

The artist, born on June 24th, 1913 in Havana, moved to Chile in 1958, and it was in this country that the Foundation, intended to highlight his life and works, was presented.


Link: >> La Tercera (In Spanish)

thumbnail Sep 14

Angel Delgado -Paisajes incomodos


Angel Delgado’s new paintings have colour and form in a very Japanese style. The mood and movement is unique to the artist: they remind us of his objects that refer to masses and the individual, freedom and containment, good and bad luck depending on the zoom. Strikingly full the works are very transparent, you can see through them many layers of interpretations and technique. A complete artist recognised for his performances, videos, photography, sculpture objects and especially for the handkerchiefs that narrate stories of inmates in any prison of the world, Delgado has been painting during the last years. Nina Menocal will show his works later this year.

thumbnail Sep 1

10 of the best Latin American Artists

….. These artists are building an artistic career in the U.S., especially in the multi-cultural hotspot of Miami.

The Cuban Americans mentioned are:

Jose Bedia, Baruj Salinas, Connie LLoveras, Tomas Sanchez, Julio Larraz



Link;>>Huffington Post

thumbnail Aug 29

Eduardo Sarmiento at the Museum of Latin American Art

<< Three works added to the permanent collection>>


Museum of Latin American Art
628 Alamitos Avenue,
Long Beach, CA 90802


I paint obsessively, restlessly, feverishly, triggered by the torture of the creative impulse and the certainty that erotic stimulus generates multiple and varying reactions to be explored. I continue to search for concrete answers, I can only attest that every experience is a hallucinating battle.

thumbnail May 26

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada New Mural In Vitry, France

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada just completed this brilliant and massive mural somewhere on the streets of Vitry, France.
The intense beauty of Jorge Rodriguez- Gerada’s artwork is heightened by the artist’s obsession with picture surface- Jorge’s pieces are painted directly onto our manmade environment, yet appear to spring forth so organically from the bubbling paint and crumbling brickwork. The artist stresses his artworks should work ‘in harmony with their location.’
This wall was organised by Mathgoth Gallery.

thumbnail May 4

Donald Rubin collection and Clara Morera

Financial Times May 3, 2013

Donald Rubin, founder with his wife Shelley of New York’s Rubin Museum of Art, which focuses on the art of the Himalayas and which he has stocked with 3,800 works, has been amassing since 2009 what may be the world’s biggest private collection of contemporary Cuban art. According to his curator Rachel Perera Weingeist, at the last count there were 543 works by some 60 Cuban-born artists.

There are few sculptural works in the collection, because Rubin prefers two-dimensional pieces that can be readily hung in rooms, but Clara Morera is another favourite (he owns 13 works)whose mixed-media-on-wood assemblages feature in the current show. Found-art imagery of the US dollar combined with Cuban pesos and Cuban Convertible Pesos jokily sugest that the two economies may in fact be one.

thumbnail Apr 29

How a Miami billionaire $100 print became a $20 million collection…

How it all began: The $100 Joan Miro lithograph that launched Perez’s collection in the late 1960’s. It still hangs in his office.

thumbnail Apr 7

Carmen Herrera – made it big after 70

Article about 6 artists who made it big after turning 70 including Carmen Herrera who sold her first painting in 2004 at the ripe age of 89.

Then, the floodgates opened.

thumbnail Apr 7

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada promoting women’s rights

To assist Netherlands feminist foundation Mama Cash with promoting and protecting women’s rights.


link:>>.MOMA TALKS

thumbnail Mar 27

De La Cruz Collection

Opened in 2009 in a specially built 300,000-square-foot building in the Design District, the light and airy space became the latest addition to Miami’s public exhibition halls founded and run by major private collectors.

The 2013 De La Cruz Collection exhibition runs through Oct. 12, at 23 NE 41 St., Miami; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, free.

thumbnail Mar 27

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons presents her work at MOCRA

Museum of Contemporary Religious Art
3700 W Pine Blvd  St Louis, MO 63108

Campos-Pons, “a leading artist of the Afro-Cuban diaspora,” presented her work within the context of ritual and spirituality, in the process divulging some personal history to help viewers better understand the relationship between the art and the artist.

thumbnail Mar 14

Julio Antonio, un mundo de referencias

El nuevo Herald Article on the work of Julio Antonio.

The article is written by Carlos M. Luis and published in Spanish.

thumbnail Feb 23

Manuel Carbonell

Cuban Sculptor who loved the process of creating.

His work is beautifully exhibited in this blog.



Link: Christies Auction

thumbnail Feb 9

Ofill Echevarria

Art Nexus E magazine article worth a look.

Ofill made his debut as a member of the action and performance group “Arte Calle”
(Street Art) in 1988. While still studying at San Alejando, he established a radicalized guideline that differed greatly to the surrounding aesthetics-plagued with modern paradigms-of Cuban arts of the time…..


link: Emilio Ichikawa   in spanish


thumbnail Feb 6

Eduardo Sarmiento Interview

This article is in Spanish.

Interview published in Ambiance magazine Mexico.

thumbnail Jan 27

High art on the high seas

Miami Herald

by Fran Golden

The naked lady with large hat, accompanied by a crying cherub, hangs outside a Deck 5 restroom on the Oceania Riviera, one of the newest ships cruising out of Miami.


thumbnail Jan 22

Miami Herald on Agustin Fernandez exhibit at Frost Museum

Agustín Fernández drawings at FIU Frost museum exude lust, vulnerability


If you know Agustín Fernández’s artwork only from its star turn in Brian DePalma’s 1980 movieDressed to Kill, a new exhibition of the Cuban master’s drawings at the Frost Art Museum offers a more nuanced take on his working method and subject matter.

Fernández’s appearance in an erotic crime thriller is hardly an unexpected pairing. Adept at painting, sculpture and printmaking, he portrayed human sexuality in a way that was both seductive and threatening.

thumbnail Jan 19

Streets: Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada Terrestrial Series – Amsterdam

From an article in Arrested Motion

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada was recently invited to Amsterdam to work on a piece for the International Human Rights Day that helped to launch Vogelvrije Vrouwen (Defend women who defend human rights!). This campaign raises awareness to the plight of Mesoamerican women who are illegally targeted and terrorized for defending human rights in that region and was commissioned by feminist foundation Mama Cash. The large-scale land portrait that spanned almost two football fields (created with the help of 80 volunteers) is part of the Cuban American artist’s ongoing Terrestrial Series.

thumbnail Jan 19

Mario Algaze

By: Megan Voeller – Tampa Bay Creative Loafing

In the early 1970s, Mario Algaze’s career got off to a quick start when he landed a job as a Miami-based freelance photographer for Zoo World, a music magazine and competitor to Rolling Stone. For the then-20-something, Cuba-born photographer, the gig meant a chance to immerse himself in America’s revolution of sex, drugs, civil rights and artistic expression.

thumbnail Dec 19

Teresita Fernández: 2013 Aspen Award for Art

The Aspen Art Museum is proud to announce the selection of renowned contemporary artist Teresita Fernández as the recipient of the museum’s 2013 Aspen Award for Art. The award will be presented on Friday, August 2, 2013, during the museum’s 9th annual ArtCrushsummer benefit gala. The Aspen Award for Art is given each year to an artist who has made a significant contribution to the field of contemporary art.

thumbnail Oct 11

Emilio Sanchez Foundation Closed

On October 2, 2012 the Emilio Sanchez Foundation closed after an eleven-year span of accomplishing its mission of promoting and preserving the legacy of the important Cuban-American Modernist artist of the 20th century, Emilio Sanchez. We are grateful to all the people who have supported, advised and helped us through the years to make this a reality. We have entrusted Sanchez’s artwork to over 70 museums and institutions, and his documents into the Archives of American Art. We hope that his work will be cherished, studied, exhibited and further brought to light.

Dr. Ann Koll has stepped down as the Executive Director and Curator of the Foundation and expresses her gratitude to the community of Sanchez supporters for the honor of working to perpetuate Sanchez’s contribution to the arts. Without her the Foundation could not have existed and achieved its goals.

thumbnail Oct 10

Emilio Sanchez art displayed in TheBANK of Edwardsville

The University Museum, under the administration of Director Eric Barnett, opened an exhibit of some of the artwork of Cuban American artist Emilio Sanchez on September 24th at the main office of TheBANK of Edwardsville, located in downtown Edwardsville. The exhibit was opened in celebration of the newly established collaborative agreement between the University of Havana and SIUE.

Thanks to the Emilio Sanchez Foundation, the University Museum has acquired 490 works of the artist. All the works in the exhibit are lithographs with various themes and media that embrace contemporary abstract qualities.

thumbnail Oct 3

Carlos Estévez On Cluny Tapestries, Painting with Smoke, and the Open Road

Memorabilia is Carlos Estévez’s fifth solo exhibition at Miami’s Pan American Art Projects. While continuing to explore such recurring themes as man’s place in the universe and human relations in general, the pieces in the show reflect a certain shift in his work—including materials and techniques, such as drawing and painting with smoke.

thumbnail Oct 3

Works by Rafael Soriano at the Smithsonian

Two works by Cuban artist Rafael Soriano were donated to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Un Lugar Distante (A Distant Place, 1972) and Candor de la Alborada (Candor of Dawn, 1994)

thumbnail Sep 18

Umberto Peña-De la madurez a la excelencia

In spanish

En su faceta como pintor, Umberto Peña es un maestro venerado por toda una legión de artistas, muchos de los cuales lo tienen como un referente de excelencia….

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