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thumbnail Oct 26

Identity and the Accumulation of Memory – NYC

December 4 – December 27, 2013

Group Show with the following artists participating:

Nelson Alvarez, Tony Chirino, Margarita Fresco Crespo, Guillermo Llorente, Renelio Marin, Alexis Mendoza, Mario Petrirena, Jesus Rivera, Juana Valdez, and Raul Villareal.

Opening Reception December 6th from 6-9pm


Boricua College Art Gallery
3755 Broadway (@156th St.)
New York, NY


thumbnail Oct 14

Ernesto Pujol’s “Social Choreography” in Lower Manhattan

Pujol was born in Cuba and raised there and in Puerto Rico. As a site-specific public performance artist, his work explores concepts of collective identity, spirituality, and the notion of the artist as a citizen and cultural worker. “I believe that everyone has the right to culture,” he has stated. “And I mean critical culture rather than entertainment. Critical culture is a human right.” His performance practice is based on walking—“durational group performances as public art,” as he states in his website, creating “psychic restorative portraits of peoples and places across the U.S.” Most recently, Pujol choreographed a work presented this past summer at the Istanbul Modern Art Museum, in collaboration with Jeffrey Baykal-Rollins and the Silsila Collective.

Time After Us was presented as part of “Crossing the Line,” an annual festival of interdisciplinary and performance art presented in New York by the French Institute Alliance Française. It took place in Saint Paul’s Chapel, one of the oldest churches in New York, which opened for Episcopal services in 1776.

thumbnail Sep 14

Ofill Echevarria – The Real World Exhibit

September 12 – 19, 2013


The Gabarron Foundation – Carriage House Center for the Arts
149 East 38th Street,
New York, New York

The Real World exhibit and Book launch

Reception September 19, 2013   5-9 PM

Ofill Echevarría, Cuban-American painter and multimedia artist captures realistic images from urban life “that explore the world beneath and beyond the surface in a dynamic dialogue with the soul”.

The closing reception on September 19th sponsored by Centro Cultural Cubano de Nueva York/CCCNY will celebrate the publication of El Mundo de los Vivos | The Real World (Un-Gyve Press).


thumbnail Jul 15

Mario Algaze – Throckmorton Fine Art

July 11 – September 14, 2013


Throckmorton Fine Art
145 E 57th Street
New York, NY

Throckmorton Fine Art is pleased to present a photography exhibit of portraits of famous men and women. Portraiture has a lengthy, rich, and diverse history in art. In our era, portraits of the famous have a pleasant association: they are familiar and frequently serve as cultural and temporal markers. These portraits, though, can be enigmatic, showing recognized faces but only hinting at complex personalities and the quixotic flow of fortune and tragedy.

thumbnail Jun 19

Luis Cruz Azaceta at the Whitney

April 25 – September 1, 2013


Whitney Museum of Art
945 Madison Avenue
at 75th Street,
New York

I, YOU, WE is the fifth in a two-year series of exhibitions which reassess the Whitney’s collection in anticipation of the Museum’s move downtown. Unfolding chronologically, these exhibitions explore overlooked developments in American art and reconsider iconic figures and works within new contexts.

thumbnail Jun 13

Pavel Acosta: Stolen Paint

June 12, 2013 – January 4, 2014

El Museo del Barrio
1230 5th Ave
New York, NY 10029

Going beyond the legal boundaries, and stealing the state property is an expanded exercise in Cuba. It has even become morally acceptable action — a payback for earning very low salaries, which are not enough to cover the basic needs of a regular worker, in a centralized economy. My recent work was born out of trying to translate this survival strategy into my creative process. Some of my photography series document illicit private businesses the government sees as a form of robbery, like owning a gymnasium for bodybuilding (Stolen Talent, 2009), creating new car designs, by merging old automobiles with modern pieces (Stolen Talent, 2009-2010), or privately using abandoned public spaces (Stolen Spaces, 2006-2009). Another body of work is developed using collage on different media. Stolen Paintings (2008-present) is a series of collage on canvas and paper, which I also started in Havana. There, I used layers of dry paint, which I collected from walls, and found objects in the city. After coming to live in New York, I turned this process into a working technique that is subordinated to specific ideas. Most of the time, the layers of acrylic are prepared in my studio, on top of a glass, to later use it for “dry painting.” In the case of Wallscape, an intervention in El Museo’s collection display, I will reproduce the painting hung in the wall in front of mine —Goat Song # 5: Tumult on George Washington Avenue, 1988, by Manuel Macarulla. I will collect the layers of old paint in my wall, and use this material to reproduce it at a 1:1 scale, as if my wall was reflecting it.

thumbnail Jun 11

El Museo del Barrio Biennial

June 12, 2013  to January 4, 2014

Museo del Barrio
1230 Fifth Avenue(at 104)
New York

Four Cuban American artists are exhibiting at the Bienal – Pavel Acosta, Bernardo Navarro Tomas, Becky Franco and Alex Nuñez

Link:>>El diario de Cuba

LInk:>>New York Times

thumbnail Jun 7

Zilia Sanchez – Exhibits in NYC

April 21 – June 16, 2013

Artist Space
38 Green Street
Opening April 20, 2013 6 – 8 PM


link:>>NYT article

thumbnail May 18

Stealing Base: Cuba at Bat

June 6th – September 6th 2013

The 8th Floor
17 W 17 Street
New York, NY

Curated by Rachel Weingeist and Orlando Hernández

A series of events celebrating baseball and Cuban culture will take place throughout the summer, including film screenings and artists’ talks. To inaugurate the exhibition, an artists’ reception will be held on Thursday, June 6th from 6-8 pm.

thumbnail Apr 23

The Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba

May 7 – July 12, 2013

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
505 W24th Street
New York, NY 10011

The Wrinkles of the City was started by JR in Cartagena, Spain and has been reprised in Shanghai, Los Angeles, and most recently, Havana. In 2012, JR and Parlá photographed and interviewed dozens of senior citizens who lived through the Cuban revolution, flyposting colossal black-and-white portraits of their subjects on the walls of city buildings. Parlá, who is of Cuban descent, interlaces the images with palimpsestic, calligraphic writings and color. In a city devoid of commercial imagery, JR and Parlá’s enormous yet intimate portraits offer a stunningly humane contrast to the endless repetition of political icons.

Opening reception Tuesday May 7, 6-8 PM
Artist Page->Link

thumbnail Apr 5

Alexandre Arrechea: No Limits

April 8-13, 2013

450 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10022

Phillips, in partnership with Magnan Metz Gallery, presents a selling-exhibition of Alexandre Arrechea’s watercolors and small-scale sculptures. The project is an extension of Alexandre Arrechea: No Limits, the artist’s ambitious installation of 18-foot architectural sculptures currently on view on the Park Avenue Malls.

thumbnail Apr 5

The AIPAD Photography Show

April 4-7, 2013

The AIPAD Photography Show
Booth #115
Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue & 66th Street
New York, New York

More than 75 of the world’s leading photography art galleries will present a wide range of museum-quality work, including contemporary, modern and nineteenth-century photographs, as well as photo-based art, video, and new media, at the historic Park Avenue Armory in New York City’s Upper East Side.

thumbnail Mar 6

P.S.H Project

March 6 – March 10, 2013

Skylight@Moynihan Station
NYC Main Post Office
312 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001

The Paschall+Salar+Hardcore Project will be on display at Booth F07 at the Scope New York 2013 Art Show.


  • Fernando Arias
  • Gaston Ugalde
  • Mariana Monteagudo
  • Consuelo Castañeda
  • Oscar Muñoz
  • Gladys Triana
thumbnail Feb 15

Against the Grain: Wood in Contemporary Art, Craft, and Design

Monday March 18, 2013

Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019

Against the Grain: Wood in Contemporary Art, Craft, and Design demonstrates how 20th and 21st century creators have engaged the medium of wood with conceptual and technical strategies.

Press Release->Link

thumbnail Feb 15

Julio Larraz Exhibit

February 13 – March 16, 2013

Marlborough Gallery
40 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of recent work by the Cuban-born American painter, Julio Larraz, on February 13, 2013. This will be Larraz’s fourth exhibition in New York since joining the gallery in 2000. The exhibition will feature approximately 24 large paintings on canvas and 4 watercolors and pastels on paper.

Press Release->Link

thumbnail Jan 30

Eduardo Sarmiento – NYC

February 1 – March 2, 2013

The Society of Illustrators
128 East 63rd Street
New York, NY

Eduardo Sarmiento’s drawing for Mezcal El Cortijo has been selected as part of the annual exhibition that will be held at the Museum of American Illustration from February 1st through March 2nd, 2013.  The exhibit features works by leading contemporary illustrators worldwide, selected by a prestigious jury of professionals.

thumbnail Jan 23

Emilio Sanchez – Old Print Shop

January 5 through February 9, 2013


Old Print Shop
150 Lexington Avenue at 30th Street
Second Floor
New York, NY
thumbnail Nov 13

Pinta New York 2012

November 15 – 18, 2012

7 West 34th Street, at 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Richard Garet, Guerra de la Paz.

Represented artists include
Mathieu Asselin, Teresa Diehl, Richard Garet, Marco Giovani,
Guerra de la Paz, Cheryl Pope and Wendy Wischer

thumbnail Oct 26

Luis Mallo – Praxis NY

November 8 – December 29, 2012

Praxis International
541 W 25th Street
New York, NY

Inside the work of Ignacio Iturria, Hisae Ikenage, & Luis Mallo.

Opening Brunch: November 17, 2012 10 am to 1 PM.

link: Praxis

thumbnail Oct 24

Waldo Balart: Chromatic Systems

October 25 -November 24, 2012

Henrique Faria Fine Art
35 E 67 St 4th Fl
New York

Henrique Faria Fine Art is please to announce the opening of the exhibit Chromatic Systems by famed Cuban artist residing in Spain Waldo Balart.

Opening will take place October 25, 2012 – 6 PM

thumbnail Oct 21

Guerra de la Paz: Power Ties

November 3 – December 15, 2012

Julian Navarro Projects
36-01 36th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11106

Power Ties is an exploration into the effectiveness of both symbolism and satire as methods of communicating the unmentionable, with the objective to create a visual language that depicts scenes where the ethics and morals of the influential are narrated by irony and righteousness.

thumbnail Oct 17

3rd Bronx Latin American Art Biennial 2012

October 6 – November 21, 2012

Gordon Parks Gallery
College of New Rochelle Annex
John Cardinal O’Connor Campus
149th Street, Bronx New York

Featured artist include:

  • Anthony Chirinos
  • Carolina Bazo
  • Carlos Barberena
  • Dora Lopez Prieto
  • Erick Sanchez
  • Esteban Figueroa
  • Juan Fernando Morales
  • Hatuey Ramos Fermin
  • José Peña
  • Juan Dolhare
  • Juana Valdes
  • Juanita Lanzo
  • Mario Petrirena
  • Melissa A. Calderon
  • Nestor Madalengoitia
  • Ricardo Hernández

Link to flyer

thumbnail Oct 10

Abelardo Morrell exhibits in NY

October 4 – December 22, 2012

Bonni Benrubi
41 East 57th Street
New York, NY

Bonni Benrubi Gallery is pleased to present Rock Paper Scissors, new work by Abelardo Morell. The exhibition will further expand on Morell’s innovative “Tent-Camera Obscura” process where visual boundaries are pushed with the use of a lightproof tent and periscope that projects a view of the nearby landscape directly onto the ground. The resulting photographs play on the tropes of impressionistic painting as the refracted light is exposed on the grass and sand below. The artist began using this process in 2010 and in recent months, since receiving a grant from National Geographic, has incorporated the Grand Canyon and other rocky terrains from the American West into this body of work.

thumbnail Oct 10

Teresita Fernandez

September 12 – October 20, 2012

Lehmann Maupin Gallery
201 Chrystie Street
New York, NY

In her fifth solo exhibition at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Teresita Fernández creates works that evoke the dramatic and universal experience of looking at the night sky. The exhibition consists of a single, large-scale installation built on site in the soaring double-height space of the Chrystie Street gallery. Made up of thousands of translucent, colored layers of polycarbonate, the hovering form becomes like sculptural painting, filtering the natural light in the space to create a color field reminiscent of the aurora borealis.


thumbnail Oct 8

Armando Mariño The Waste Land

October 11 – November 5, 2012

532 Gallery
532 West 25th Street
New York, NY

This solo show features new oil on canvas paintings and works on paper. The title of the show refers immediately to the T.S Eliot poem, but the paintings that Marino shows are far from an illustration of it. In these paintings the artist recognizes the poem as a background to his work. “It helped me put together all the paintings,” he said. “The style of the poem overall is marked by hundreds of allusions and quotations from other texts, like my paintings.”

In Spanish
Link >>Cuba Encuentro

thumbnail Oct 6

Guillermo Lorente in NY

October 16 – October 29, 2012

New Century Artists
530 W 25th Street
New York, NY
thumbnail Sep 19

Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition

September 15 – October 5, 2012

Reception: Thursday September 20, 2012 6-8 PM

Artist Octavio Guinart
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th Street,
New York, NY

…Symbols abound along a horizon of geographical optic fusion – nostalgic palms, ancient totems, bucolic cattle, political ephemera and money in cash – all images ripe for the imagination of Cuban-born and educated artist Guinart. Influenced heavily by the work of distinguished Madrilenian philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset, these paintings frame the doublespeak of the socio-politically exiled within a pleasing pastiche of classic and contemporary figuration.

thumbnail Sep 19

Skyline Adrift

September 16, 2012 – May, 2013

Omi International Arts Center
Ghent, New York

Architecture Omi, under the direction of Peter Franck, has the mission of facilitating projects that look at the intersection of architecture, art and landscape.

One of their projects currently underway is Skyline Adrift: Cuban Art and Architecture.

thumbnail Sep 8

Caridad Sola / Our Lady of Apparitions, in NY

The Cuban-American visual-performance artist and architect Caridad Sola produces work with one intention – to create unforgettable experiences. She exposes viewers to powerful rituals and provocative metaphors with her passion for the grandiose, the dramatic, and the theatrical.

The performance Our Lady of Apparitions explores the belief in the unbelievable through anomalous, quasi-perceptual experience of apparitions. The artist will perform her own appearance of each Catholic saint she was named after (La Virgin de la Caridad, La Virgin de la Mercedes, and Santa Barbara.) Each day she will begin to appear from the Western point of 14 Street and travel across to its most Eastern point.

October 6-12, beginning two hours before sunset
The performance will begin at the west end of 14th street and end at the east end of the street.

thumbnail Jun 13

Lopez-Ramos – WoNdErLAND

July 7, 2012 to August 25, 2012

Opening July 7 –  7 to 11 PM

17 Frost Art Space
17 Frost Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

This event features the recent works of artist Rafael Lopez-Ramos and a musical presentation by Lenna Pierce at 8:00 pm, and Roberto Poveda at 9:00 pm.  All this is part of the symposium Havana, Miami, Brooklyn: A Convergence of Art and Music.

Lopez Ramos artworks are usually structured on multiple visual and semantic layers of contrasting iconographies from which a concept emerges. For his Wonderland series, Lopez Ramos has resorted to found objects, mostly containers/labels of consumer goods, and pornographic images, all of which morphs into a sort of palimpsest when superimposed on abstract expressionist backgrounds.

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