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Skyline Adrift

September 16, 2012 – May, 2013

Omi International Arts Center
Ghent, New York

Architecture Omi, under the direction of Peter Franck, has the mission of facilitating projects that look at the intersection of architecture, art and landscape.

One of their projects currently underway is Skyline Adrift: Cuban Art and Architecture.

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Gladys Triana – Arte al Dia

It was during the years 2001-2002 that Gladys Triana made her first photo series.By that time, she had already had a long and successful four-decade career in painting and related arts, such as drawing.

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Christies Latin American Sale – May 2012

Mark your calendars!!

We will update this blog as information becomes available.  We post information on Cuban Artists that reside and work outside the island.

May 22 6:30pm
May 23 10am & 2pm
Rockefeller Center
May 19 10am – 5pm
May 20 1pm – 5pm
May 21 10am – 5pm
May 22 10am – 12pm
thumbnail Apr 3

Luis Mallo at Grits N Glory

186 Orchard St,
New York, NY

Opening April 5, 7 – 10 PM

thumbnail Feb 22

Clara Morera Video


Clara Morera is a Cuban -American artist that lives and works in New York City.
Her extremely poetic artworks evolved from her rich Cuban roots and her views of a New York full of popular art. This painting named ” Fish-O-Fish” comes from her mixed environment and is part of the series ” Walls”, where she is inspired from the Latino Quarter in the East Village.

To see video click Read More below.

thumbnail Jan 31

Emilio Sanchez – The Bronx Museum of the Arts

The Emilio Sanchez exhibit URBAN ARCHIVES at the Bronx Museum of  the Arts was extended until June 17, 2012

This exhibition presents a group of works by Emilio Sanchez from The Bronx Museum of the Arts Permanent Collection, together with related archival material and a special interpretive project by Bronx-based artist Laura Napier. All the works depict commercial buildings in the Hunts Point area of the South Bronx. With a colorful palette and rigorous architectural design, these works depict the bodegas and auto shops of the Bronx in an almost idyllic style that makes a stark contrast with preconceived views of the borough.

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Cristina Lei Rodriguez: Through Excess and Ruin at Team Gallery, SoHo, NY

November 3rd – December 23rd 2011

team (gallery, inc.)

47 Wooster Street
ny ny 10013

Cristina Lei Rodriguez’s sculptural forms are abstract objects that echo the coupled narratives of decadence and ruin. Although the natural processes of growth and decay have been the operative thematic in all of her work, lately the artist has veered away from nature and towards cultural constructions of uncertainty and instability. In her latest pieces, the materials are shaped with critical attention to the extensive gluttony and unapologetic glamour that accompany contemporary capitalism: the consolidated accumulations of wealth, the global economic recession, the persistent fluctuation of value, and the threats of total systemic collapse.

thumbnail Nov 12

Cuban American Art Exhibition

NOVEMBER 17 – 18, 2011
508 W 26th Street, #9E/F
New York. NY. 10001.
Opening: Thursday November 17 (6 PM – 8 PM)

Ana Maria Nardo, César Alfonso, Francisco Sánchez, Jesús Rivera
Raúl Villarreal, and Walter Rodríguez

The artists selected for this exhibition are all Cuban-born but work in different parts of the American continent. Some were trained in the famed San Alejandro’s Academy in Havana, while others pursued their artistic endeavors first in the United States. Although some of the selected works still carry tangible nostalgic tension, most deviate from conventional political parameters and blend into a worldly, or even otherworldly visual narrative that is enchanting, serene, powerful, agitating, introspective and/or playful. The works chosen for this exhibition are meant to please and provoke transculturally and without discrimination.

thumbnail Nov 10

Tomas Esson- IMPERIALISMO 2011

Ramis Barquet

532 West 24th Street New York, NY 10011 tel 212.675.3421 fax 212.675.3432
Nov. 10 – Dec. 17, 2011

Reception: Thursday, November 10, from 6 –8 PM

Ramis Barquet Gallery is pleased to present IMPERIALISMO 2011, our first exhibition devoted to the flags of Tomás Esson. This will be the artist’s second solo show at the gallery.

Tomás Esson is one of the most important and influential contemporary Cuban painters. A leading figure in the storied 80s Generation, his work forms part of a Cuban pictorial tradition with links to artists including Wifredo Lam, Amelia Peláez and René Portocarrero. Yet over the last 25 years, trawling the great reservoir of libido, Esson has in his vast body of work developed a unique, highly charged and often controversial visual language that extends beyond his origins and is uniquely his own.

thumbnail Nov 6

Wifredo Lam’s BONJOUR MONSIEUR LAM (AU COMMENCEMENT DE LA NUIT) in Latin American Art Auction at Sotheby’s, New York

New York, 16 November, 2011 7:00pm


1334 York Avenue
New York 10021 USA

LOT 12

signed and dated 1959 lower right; also signed, titled, and dated 1959 on the reverse
oil on burlap
29 1/2 by 59 1/4 in.
74.9 by 150.5 cm

600,000 – 800,000 USD

“There could be no doubt that Au Commencement de la Nuit (Bonjour Monsieur Lam) is also a self-portrait. The painting is carefully crafted to reveal in a flash the animal and anthropological forms in the darkness of the night. In Lam’s painting, a beast is depicted walking across the composition. It seems like it has stopped and, like in Courbet, it is turning its bearded head towards the spectator a similar invitation to make us recognize him.While Bonjour Monsieur Courbet is an easier painting to understand because the figures appear in broad day light, Bonjour Monsieur Lam is somehow more difficult to decipher. However, an attentive look at the hybrid creature reveals the fantastic complexity of how Wifredo Lam pictures himself . The first recognizable features are the hoofs of a horse and its elongated head, eyes and mouth. Following the neck on the diagonal, we discover that it is a winged horse. This mythical animal is also a woman : her breasts show distinctly under the wing and a second leg. Further to the right, a geometric second head with two prominent horns, eyes wide open and staring up towards his two arms and hands that close the composition on the right side with a protective gesture. A mysterious long shape with ribs or spines crosses the painting in parallel of the creature’s body : its presence echoes and accentuates the angular and fleshless qualities of the creature’s essential embodiment.”

thumbnail Oct 11

Agustin Fernandez: New Voices Interpret an Artistic Voyage from Cuba to Paris to New York

Pinta – New York

November 11, 2011

Agustin Fernandez (1928-2006) is recognized as one of the outstanding Cuban artists of his generation. This symposium aims to provide analytical perspectives on the work of this artist and its significance. Each panelist will provide analyses and interpretations of the unique and discerning artistic vision that Fernandez cultivated by bridging his Cuban inheritance and the cosmopolitan influences gleaned from many decades spent abroad. They will also present varying vantage points for appreciating the historical and contemporary significance of Fernandez’s oeuvre with the larger aim of placing Fernandez’s work in dialogue with an international cohort of artists working along similar lines. Finally Professor Edward J. Sullivan, the panel discussant, will comment and extend on the analyses and views presented.

thumbnail Oct 2

Loredo’s he-ART en Tumiamiblog

Por Jesús Rosado


Jorge Moya, ese amigo entrañable, nos ha permitido acceder al material visual que CANY atesora del Padre Miguel Angel Loredo. Teníamos cierta premura reflexiva en torno a ese legado pues cuando falleció el apreciado sacerdote todos los obituarios se enfocaron en la faceta biográfica ligada a su actitud patria. Comprensible. Pero, era lamentable obviar la sensibilidad ya no del teólogo o del hombre apegado a un activismo cívico, sino la de una honda vocación que compartía la incertidumbre de Deleuze sobre si las ciencias del pensamiento habrían aportado algo a la pintura o si a la inversa cabía “la posibilidad de que la pintura tendría algo para aportar a la filosofía”.

thumbnail Oct 1

Hard Light: The Work of Emilio Sanchez

Books and Books – Coral Gables

Wednesday, October 5 at 8 PM

Hard Light: The Work of Emilio Sanchez (Prestel Publishing, $45) byRafael Díazcasas, John Angeline and Rudi C. Bleys, edited by Ann Koll, is the much anticipated and beautifully compiled monograph, the first to bring to light the prolific career and life of this imaginative and spirited twentieth century Cuban American artist.

thumbnail Sep 28

Thirteen paintings and works on paper by Emilio Sanchez at Frederico Sève Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Frederico Sève Gallery presents Shaping Light, an exhibition of works by Emilio Sanchez (1921-1999) featuring thirteen paintings and works on paper completed from the early to mid 1970’s. The Cuban-born American artist developed an early fascination with light and shadow on colored forms, and is celebrated for his architectural geometric abstractions, which are distinguished by their simplified forms.

thumbnail Sep 25

Teresita Fernández appointed to U.S. Commission on Fine Arts

September 16, 2011 (New York) — President Barack Obama has appointed Teresita Fernández, a MacArthur Award winning visual artist, to serve on the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, a federal panel that advises the President, Congress and governmental agencies on national matters of design and aesthetics. Fernández lives and works in New York and is represented by Lehmann Maupin Gallery.

Members of the arts panel play a key role in shaping Washington’s architecture by approving the site and design of national memorials and museums; advise the U.S. Mint on the design of coins and medals; and administer the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs program, which benefits non-profit cultural entities that provide arts programming in Washington. Seven commissioners appointed by the President serve four-year terms.

Past members have included architects, landscape architects and artists, including Daniel Chester French who sculpted the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., whose projects include the National Mall, Jefferson Memorial and the White House grounds.

Lehmann Maupin Gallery website

thumbnail Sep 21

Luis Gispert’s DECEPCIÓN: A New York Artist Takes the Long View of Customizer Culture

The New York Times

September 21, 2011, 6:00 am


Decepción,” the title of Luis Gisbert’s show at the uptown Mary Boone Gallery, at 745 Fifth Avenue, translates from the Spanish not to its English cognate, but more literally to disillusionment or disappointment. The word applies to the effect of the huge photographs in the show, which depict fantasy landscapes seen through the windshields of luxury vehicles.

The photographs pair interiors of BMWs and Cadillacs strewn with designer logos with images of mountains and meadows, the dreamscapes to which plush S.U.V.’s promise to carry their charges.

Mr. Gispert, born in Jersey City in 1972, now lives in Brooklyn. He has explored his Cuban American background and borrowed totems of hip-hop culture in his past pieces: gold jewelry, boom boxes, big speakers, large chrome wheel rims. In a video piece called “Block Watching,” he depicts a cheerleader mouthing the sound of a car alarm.

thumbnail Sep 15

Mario Algaze- Throckmorton Fine Art


November 10th – January 7th, 2012

TEL 212 223.1059 | FAX 212 223.1937
Opening reception:
Thursday, November 10th, 2011 6-8pm.
Book available:
Mario Algaze, Portfolio: $125.00

Throckmorton Fine Art is pleased to offer an exhibit highlighting four decades of work by the accomplished photographer, Mario Algaze. The exhibit will present 35 images included in the handsome catalogue of his work published in 2010, Mario Algaze: Portfolio. Algaze has worked throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, including his native Cuba, and his photographs reveal his intimacy with the region and its peoples.

thumbnail Sep 15

Emilio Sánchez: SHAPING LIGHT, at Frederico Sève Gallery, NY

September 21 – January 28, 2012

September 21, 2011, 6-8 pm

Frederico Sève Gallery

37 W 57th Street, 4th floor
212 334 7813

New York, NY— Frederico Sève Gallery is pleased to present  is pleased to present Shaping Light, an exhibition of works by Emilio Sanchez (1921-1999) featuring thirteen paintings and works on paper completed from the early to mid 1970’s. The Cuban-born American artist developed an early fascination with light and shadow on colored forms, and is celebrated for his architectural geometric abstractions, which are distinguished by their simplified forms.

Shaping Light includes a series of works on paper that were influenced by his life in New York City, to where he proudly relocated in 1944 and remained until his death more than five decades later. While the 1960’s made way for a period of significant exploration in abstractionism in the artist’s life, the following ten years marked a time of architectural paintings and works that defines one of the highlights in Sanchez’s oeuvre.

thumbnail Sep 9

Félix González-Torres in group show SEPTEMBER 11 at MoMA P.S.1, NY

September 11, 2011–January 9, 2012


22-25 Jackson Ave. at the intersection of 46th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

MoMA PS1 website

The attacks of September 11, 2001 were among the most pictured disasters in history, yet they remain, a decade later, underrepresented in cultural discourse—particularly within the realm of contemporary art. Responding to these conditions, MoMA PS1 curator Peter Eleey brings together more than 70 works by 41 artists—many made prior to 9/11—to explore the attacks’ enduring and far-reaching resonance. Eschewing images of the event itself, as well as art made directly in response, the exhibition provides a subjective framework within which to reflect upon the attacks in New York and their aftermath, and explores the ways that they have altered how we see and experience the world in their wake. September 11 will open on the tenth anniversary of the attacks and occupy the entire second floor of the museum, with additional works located elsewhere in the building and in the surrounding neighborhood.

thumbnail Sep 8

Helping the Modern Get Over Itself

by Roberta Smith

The Museum of Modern Art has unveiled changes in its galleries which include the addition of a painting by Cuban Grandmaster Amelia Pelaez.

The permanent collection of any great museum is in a state of constant, usually subtle flux. Works go up, are shifted about and later removed from view, making way for others…..

…..And then there’s the small, wonderfully dense Gallery 4, loosely devoted to still life with works from 1915 to the early 1950s. My favorite on either floor right now, this selection juxtaposes paintings by Matisse, Braque and Giorgio Morandi with surprises by, among others, the American outsider Forrest Bess, Bernard Buffet (French), Gertrude Green (American), Emilio Pettoruti (Argentine) and Amelia Peláez Del Casal (Cuban). The Del Casal, “Fishes,” was painted in 1943 under the spell of Picasso (and acquired the following year), but it definitely has a mind of its own.

thumbnail Aug 5

El Museo del Barrio Appoints Christie’s Specialist Margarita Aguilar as New Director


NEW YORK, NY.- El Museo del Barrio announced that it has appointed Margarita Aguilar to be its next director, beginning September 12, 2011. Aguilar, who served in the curatorial department at El Museo from 1998 to 2006, is currently Vice President and Senior Specialist in Latin American art at Christie’s. Through her work at El Museo and Christie’s, Aguilar has wide knowledge of historical and contemporary Latino and Latin American art and is a leading voice in the field. Aguilar was selected following an international search, and replaces Julian Zugazagoitia, who is now Director of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. Georgina M. Nichols, Director of Finance and Administration, has been serving as Interim Director of El Museo.

thumbnail Aug 3

Diango Hernández in group show at Alexander and Bonin, NY

Alexander and Bonin Gallery

132 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Cuban artist, living  in Düsseldorf, Diango Hernández is included in a group show Colors for a new home, Signs of Love and other paintings at Alexander and Bonin, NY, and also preparing his upcoming exhibit ‘If I send you this’ from September 6 to October 12, 2011 at this venue.

thumbnail Aug 1

Julio Larraz,Tomás Sánchez in Summer Group Exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, NY

Jun 08 2011-Sep 14 2011

Marlborough Gallery

40 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

Featuring works by Fernando Botero, Vincent Desiderio, Chakaia Booker, Chu Teh-Chun, Richard Estes, Red Grooms, Bill Jacklin, Julio Larraz, Jacques Lipchitz, Tom Otterness, Beverly Pepper, Manolo Valdes and others.

thumbnail Aug 1


JUNE 26 – JANUARY 1, 2012



This exhibition presents a group of works by Emilio Sanchez from The Bronx Museum of the Arts Permanent Collection, together with related archival material and a special interpretive project by Bronx-based artist Laura Napier. All the works depict commercial buildings in the Hunts Point area of the South Bronx. With a colorful palette and rigorous architectural design, these works depict the bodegas and auto shops of the Bronx in an almost idyllic style that makes a stark contrast with preconceived views of the borough.

thumbnail Jul 22

Guerra de la Paz in group show at Praxis International, NY

July 28 – September 10, 2011

Praxis International, NY

541 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001

tel 212 772 9478

Summer Hours Mon-Fri 10-6PM

This year’s summer show is filled with a variety of works of all different mediums.  Intricate patterns, diverse textures and the use of color,transparency and glossy finishes make the work of these artists exquisite and amusing.

Intertwined fabrics are suspended in an apparent empty space, oil drippings and collaged paper, flowers, buttons and clay, characterize the physical structure of the work of David Antonio Cruz and Nina Surel. The Miami-based duo Guerra de la Paz also resorts to the use of fabrics.
Recycled clothing is the medium of choice to explore the manipulation of textiles that breathe new life to these rescued remains. The properties of fibers, yarn and dies in textile design, are translated to wood, resin, pencil, and stickers by Nancy Saleme. Similarly, Firelei Baez evokes popular traditions of the Caribbean in a delicate use of gouache, watercolor, and thin lines of ink on paper in beautifully painted patterns.

thumbnail Jul 15

Anthony Goicolea in group show “Late Summer Blues”, an exhibition curated by Sara Reisman + Ian Daniel- in Brooklyn, New York

July 22-August 7, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, July 22, 6-9PM


16 Wilson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Featuring the work of:

Salvatore Arancio
Anthony Goicolea
Pablo Helguera
Mary Mattingly
Francesco Simeti
Letha Wilson

Late Summer Blues is an exhibition of collage-based works in video, photography, and sculpture that reflects on our collective impulse to reconfigure and manipulate the landscape – both urban and rural – as a means of escape from the compression of summer in the city. Coupled with the desire to find respite from the concrete hardscapes that permeate our vision and movement, Late Summer Blues also suggests an imminent inversion of desire. As the middle of summer passes, a premature sense of nostalgia for the end of summer as an end of freedom comes into focus. How do we spend the last days of summer?

Each of the artists in the exhibition offer us with views of summer that involve conceptual and formal manipulations as a means of re-orienting the viewer’s understanding of place, time, and the atmosphere we occupy.

STOREFRONT was started by Jason Andrew and Deborah Brown. It is Bushwick’s leading gallery presenting both emerging young talent and established historically significant artists.

HOURS: Weekends 1:00-6:00PM or by appointment 646-361-8512. www.storefrontbk.com

thumbnail Jul 2

Luis Mallo’s work on view at THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM OF ART

Brooklyn Museum of Art

200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

Work from Luis Mallo’s series Open Secrets is currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum’s American Identities: New Look galleries on the fifth floor.

thumbnail Jun 20

Consuelo Castañeda: la historia como retruécano del alma

By Janet Batet

El Nuevo Herald, June 19, 2011


En For Rent, Castañeda se apropia de su propia vivencia en tanto inmigrante y de la historia de Americas Society en la época de guerra fría. Castañeda transforma el edificio en una instalación colosal que comprende tres ambientes fundamentales.

El primero, Guantanamera, se apropia del documental homónimo de Ross Birrell y David Harding para recrear un contrapunto de la identidad escindida.

En una segunda sala, la artista interviene Reticulárea, uno de los trabajos más emblemáticos de Gego (Gertrude Goldschmid), epígono del arte moderno venezolano. La intervención de la obra, creada para Americas Society en 1969, establece un interesante paralelo y tributo a la artista alemana de origen judío cuya nacionalidad fue anulada en 1935 tras el ascenso de las fuerzas nazis al poder.

thumbnail Jun 16

Los ‘retratos estrujados’ de Geandy Pavón, en el Museo del Barrio de Nueva York

Diario de Cuba- June 15, 2011

In Spanish
El Museo del Barrio inauguró este martes su sexta bienal, que reúne las obras de 75 artistas emergentes latinoamericanos y caribeños que trabajan en Nueva York, y que por primera vez se mostrarán también en los barrios de la ciudad, reporta EFE.

La muestra The (S) Files, (Los archivos seleccionados) consta de más de 250 obras —pinturas, fotos, vídeos, instalaciones, esculturas— de artistas que nunca habían exhibido en El Museo del Barrio y que estará hasta el 8 de enero de 2012 en siete galerías en los condados de Manhattan, El Bronx, Queens y Brooklyn.

Este año, el tema gira en torno a “la calle” y la cultura urbana y es abordado de diversos ángulos. La muestra rinde también tributo a los artistas del grafiti que surgieron de los barrios puertorriqueños, en particular en El Bronx, entre ellos Lee Quiñones y Lady Pink, y que, pese a su fama, nunca habían exhibido en El Museo del Barrio, comentó el comisario, Elvis Fuentes.

thumbnail Jun 13

Geandy Pavón, Armando Mariño and Rafael Sánchez in group show THE (S) FILES, Museo del Barrio – New York

El Museo’s Bienal: The (S) Files 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011- Sunday, January 8, 2012

El Museo del Barrio

1230 Fifth Avenue (at 104th Street)
New York NY 10029

El Museo’s Bienal: The (S) Files 2011 is El Museo del Barrio’s sixth biennial of the most innovative, cutting-edge art created by Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American artists currently working in the greater New York area. This year’s edition spreads all over the city, showcasing a record 75 emerging artists in six different venues.Aiming to expand the definition of contemporary Latino and Latin American art, The (S) Files 2011 takes on a broad exploration of the visual energy, events, and aesthetics of the street. While considering the more conventional understandings of street art such as graffiti and mural painting, The (S) Files 2011 extends the definition of street art by also considering non-traditional art objects as well as works from other disciplines, including music and fashion.

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