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LOCATION: Phillips de Pury & Company, 450 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Cuban artists included are:

Carmen Herrera
Agustín Cárdenas
Julio Larraz
Ana Mendieta
Jorge Pardo
Luis Cruz Azaceta
Wifredo Lam
Victor Manuel
Amelia Peláez
Jorge Luis Varona  and others

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Hernan Bas: Occult Contemporary at Lehmann Maupin, NY

15 March – 21 April 2012

Opening Reception
Thursday, 15 March 2012, 6-8 PM

Lehmann Maupin Gallery

540 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001

Drawing from his interest in the supernatural, Hernan Bas’s Occult Contemporary responds to the recent proliferation of the occult in mass media with a presentation of new paintings depicting a representation of the devil based on traditional texts and folklore. Playing on the term “Adult Contemporary,” used to describe a light genre of popular music, the title of Bas’s show plays on this act of genre-fication which has made the presence of the occult and supernatural in books, movies, and t.v. accessible to children and young adults, extinguishing any aura of danger or taboo that the occult once held, and consequently, resulting in varying representations and visual depictions of the devil that stray from those detailed in real folklore.

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres in group show HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture – Brooklyn Museum, New York

November 18, 2011–February 12, 2012
Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing, 4th Floor

Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11238

The first major museum exhibition to focus on themes of gender and sexuality in modern American portraiture, HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture brings together more than one hundred works in a wide range of media, including paintings, photographs, works on paper, film, and installation art. The exhibition charts the underdocumented role that sexual identity has played in the making of modern art, and highlights the contributions of gay and lesbian artists to American art. Beginning in the late nineteenth century with Thomas Eakins’ Realist paintings, HIDE/SEEK traces the often coded narrative of sexual desire in art produced throughout the early modern period and up to the present. The exhibition features pieces by canonical figures in American art—including George Bellows, Marsden Hartley, Alice Neel, and Berenice Abbott—along with works that openly assert gay and lesbian subjects in modern and contemporary art, by artists such as Jess Collins and Tee Corinne.

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DESHORAS by Ofill Echevarría at Sotheby’s Latin American Art Auction, New York

November 16 – 7:00pm

LOT 250

(B. 1972)

signed lower left and titled upper right; also dated Miami, FL Nov. 03 and inscribed Pintado al húmedo en 1 (una) sesión de 33 horas contínuas on the reverse
oil on canvas
37 by 70 2/3 in.
94 by 179.5 cm

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LUIS CRUZ AZACETA – Self Portraits: Watercolors and Drawings 1977-1981, at George Adams Gallery, NY

Nov 3 – Dec 23, 2011

Opening Reception: Thursday Nov. 10, 6-8pm

George Adams Gallery

525 West 26th Street
First Floor
New York, New York 10001
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Victor Varela paintings at Westside Fragrances Gallery, NY

Oct. 27 – Nov. 17, 2011

Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011 6pm

Westside Fragrances Gallery

210 11th Avenue, Suite 1003,
NY, NY, 10001
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ERNESTO PUJOL: The Bathers Revisited at Magnan Metz Gallery, NY

October 21st – November 19th 2011


521 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001

Magnan Metz is pleased to present The Bathers, Revisited.  This small exhibition will be on view from October 21 – November 19, 2011.  Pujol recently joined Magnan Metz.  As an introduction to his performance work, the artist is a re-staging a selection of performative photographs in Magnan Metz project space from his successful 2001 series.  The Bathers are revisited a decade later, and is a curatorial compliment to the exhibition of Ariana Page Russell which will run concurrently in the main gallery.
During summer 2001, Ernesto Pujol photographed the solitary rituals of masculinity, i.e. male bodies privately regarding themselves. Pujol choreographed a series of intimate gestures, inviting three men in their 20s, 30s and 40s to perform in the same white bathroom. These were not larger-than-life porn stars relaxing after the money shot, nor towering drag queens wiping off makeup. There was nothing extraordinary about them, no tanned musculature or model beauty. Pujol was interested in exploring the male gaze turned on itself, placing men in the position traditionally inhabited by women in the history of painting.1

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DEMI in group show at Nassau County Museum of Art, New York

Exploraciones Contemporáneas

September 17, 2011 – November 27, 2011

Nassau County Museum of Art

One Museum Drive
Roslyn Harbor, New York 11576

Expressing rich, fascinating and complex concerns, Latin American art has moved to the forefront of the world of visual arts. This art ranges stylistically from folk art to the avant-garde movements of Europe and North America and reflects the broad diversity of Latin culture today. Exploraciones Contemporáneas, on view in museum’s Collectors Circle Gallery from September 17 through November 27, includes work by such varied artistic voices as Vik Muniz of Brazil, Cuban-American DEMI, Manuel Esnoz of Argentina and Dario Escobar of Guatemala. The exhibition is organized by Elaine Berger for the Contemporary Collectors Circle.


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Félix González-Torres in group show SEPTEMBER 11 at MoMA P.S.1, NY

September 11, 2011–January 9, 2012


22-25 Jackson Ave. at the intersection of 46th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

MoMA PS1 website

The attacks of September 11, 2001 were among the most pictured disasters in history, yet they remain, a decade later, underrepresented in cultural discourse—particularly within the realm of contemporary art. Responding to these conditions, MoMA PS1 curator Peter Eleey brings together more than 70 works by 41 artists—many made prior to 9/11—to explore the attacks’ enduring and far-reaching resonance. Eschewing images of the event itself, as well as art made directly in response, the exhibition provides a subjective framework within which to reflect upon the attacks in New York and their aftermath, and explores the ways that they have altered how we see and experience the world in their wake. September 11 will open on the tenth anniversary of the attacks and occupy the entire second floor of the museum, with additional works located elsewhere in the building and in the surrounding neighborhood.

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Alejandro López: ODD RHETORIC ODE part two, at 17 Frost Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

September 24 – October 22, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 24, 2011


17 Frost Art Space

17 Frost Street,
between Lorimer St. and Union Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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Anthony Goicolea: PATHETIC FALLACY at Postmasters Gallery, NY

September 10 – October 15, 2011

Opening: Saturday, September 10, 6 – 8 PM

Postmasters Gallery

459 West 19th Street

Postmasters is pleased to present Pathetic Fallacy, an exhibition of new drawings and photographs by ANTHONY GOICOLEA. This will be the artist’s fourth solo show at the gallery. Central to the exhibition is a forty-foot long wall of layered drawings, large and small, rendered in graphite and ink on mylar.

The term “pathetic fallacy,” coined by John Ruskin in Modern Painters (1856), describes the treatment of inanimate objects and places as if they had human feelings, thoughts, or sensations.

In this new group of photographs and drawings nature takes on anthropomorphic characteristics. A new, uneasy equilibrium is created as human and animal bodies merge, trees grow hair and pump blood, flies multiply into tornadoes and wild dogs settle in the ruins of a home.

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Luis Gispert: DECEPCIÓN, at Mary Boone Gallery, NY

September 8 – October 22, 2011

Opening reception: September 8, 5 -7 pm

Mary Boone Gallery

745 Fifth Ave. # 405
New York, NY 10151
thumbnail Aug 28

Diango Hernández: ‘IF I SEND YOU THIS’ at Alexander and Bonin, NY

September 6–October 12, 2011

Alexander and Bonin

132 Tenth Avenue
between 18th and 19th streets
New York, NY

An exhibition of new work by Diango Hernández titled, If I send you this, will open at Alexander and Bonin on Tuesday, September 6th. For this exhibition the artist has transformed the architecture of the first floor gallery to accommodate two site specific installations.

In these installations the artist has re-imagined the geometric ‘cat eye’ of Gordon Matta-Clark’s 1975 “Days End” as an escape from a space of restriction to a space of freedom.

In the main gallery, Hernández is re-removing these shapes, ‘exeunts’ as he has termed them, from the walls and repurposing them as the tables of an imagined agency of international transit and transition. Each table is fitted with a center-piece; a square Plexiglas container within which international stamps circulate endlessly. By juxtaposing the ‘exeunt’ and signs of international correspondence, the artist draws from his experience of the American Embassy in Cuba; a building unused for its intended purpose since January 1961.

Artist website

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Geandy Pavon Projects Detained Artist Ai Weiwei’s Face Onto NYC Chinese Consulate (Video)


May 23, 2011

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was arrested early last month in Beijing on scurrilous charges of tax evasion and was allowed his first family visit only last week.

On Friday, Cuban artist Geandy Pavon made sure the Chinese Consulate in New York knew that he, and many others in the United States, want Weiwei freed.

Setting up a laptop and a projector on a bike path nearby, Pavon projected a giant, watery image of the detained artist’s face on a wall of the building that houses the Consulate.

An interview to the artist here

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Julio Larraz, one of the new world auction records at Christie’s Latin American Art Auction


Christie’s Latin American Art Sale achieved a strong total of $22,571,450 (£13,763,079/ €15,895,387). Held in two sessions on May 26 and 27, the sale was sold 75% by lot, 79% by value and established an impressive 14 new world auction records.

Chrisitie’s info

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Gladys Triana – The Observer – May 26, 2011 at 6 PM

America’s Society
68th Street and Park Avenue
New York, NY

A groundbreaking art film by painter, sculptor and photographer Gladys Triana, seeking to go beyond the aesthetic quality of the image to explore the fantasy of the unknown and the circle of existential meaning. With hauntingly abstract music and intervals of silence, and a striking interplay of light and movement, the film poignantly evokes the passage of time and the events that interrupt and punctuate human life. The film will be followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Francisco Soto, with participation by  the artist and a special commentary by curator Alejandro Anreus.

Event is sponsored by the CUBAN CULTURAL CENTER of NY.

Admission is free/space is limited

RSVP: cccofny@aol.com

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Allora and Calzadilla: Stop, Repair, Prepare: Variations on “Ode to Joy” for a Prepared Piano

By Marco Antonini

Art Pulse Magazine

Museum of Modern Art – New York
(December 8, 2010 – January 10, 2011)
Ninth in a series of ongoing live and documented performances presented at the MoMA, Stop, Repair, Prepare: Variations on “Ode to Joy” for a prepared piano has been already labeled by many as Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla’s masterpiece. The two artists will represent the United States in the upcoming Venice Biennial and have emerged as one of the most ambitious and interesting voices in the international visual arts scene. Their brand name is usually associated to installations, videos, and performances as emotionally and sensually strong as conceptually and politically loaded. In Calzadilla’s words, “Not making Sense” still remains a top priority on the duo’s agenda, as the playful, absurdist situation created by Stop seems to confirm.

thumbnail Mar 21

Felix Gonzalez-Torres at MMK in Frankfurt- Specific Objects without Specific Form

January, 29 – April 25, 2011

The MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

A large candy mountain is exhibited at the Museum for Modern Art MMK in Frankfurt, Germany. About 300 kg of sweets form the artwork ‘Untitled (USA Today) 1990’ by Cuban-Born artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The museum dedicates a special exhibition to the artist who died in 1996. The retrospective ‘Specific Objects without Specific Form’ will be open for visitors until 25 April 2011. Candy Mountains are among his most famous works. Visitors are invited to try the sweets; their participation is an important aspect of the work. EPA/FRANK RUMPENHORST.

FRANKFURT.- The MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main hosts the final leg of the traveling retrospective, “Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Specific Objects without Specific Form”, previously shown at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels and the Fondation Beyeler in Basel.

Including both rarely seen and more known paintings, sculptures, photographic works, and public projects, this major exhibition reflects the full scope of the Gonzalez-Torres’s short but prolific career. Born in Cuba, Gonzalez-Torres settled in New York in the late 1970s, where he studied art and began his practice as an artist before his untimely death of AIDS related complications in 1996, at the age of thirty-eight.

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Rubén Torres Llorca

Arte Al Dia International Online

Wednesday March 31, 2010

Praxis International Art            by Julia P. Herzberg
So Quiet in Here was a memorable installation by Rubén Torres Llorca at El Museo del Barrio in New York in 1998. It was a parodic recreation of a historical account dating from Belgium’s colonial era that involved the Geographic Society of Brussels and an African family that was living inside the zoo in Brussels for a period of time before they quietly disappeared.

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Arturo Cuenca


Exhibit November 1 to November 26, 2005

‘Aesthasy’ combines two English words, aesthetic and ecstasy to create a hybrid title, which is derived from the Cuban tradition of using made-up words taken from real words in the language. The concept touches upon the beauty of creation as a strategy of nature. The imagery in the show couples flowers as sexual beings and icons, such as Oscar Wilde, as landscapes.

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Abelardo Morell

Seeing New York Through Leonardo’s Eye
Most of Abelardo Morell’s photographs are digital, but a lot of his gear is, conceptually, a millennium old. Morell is among the few contemporary masters of the camera obscura, the ancient method of projecting an image on a wall (deployed by Renaissance masters, like Leonardo da Vinci, and possibly used as a painting aid).  All it is, really, is a room with a tiny hole in the wall or roof that acts as a lens. Previous Morell portraits include a Times Square hotel room enrobed in an image of Times Square itself. For his new hybrids—on view in twin shows opening this month, at Bryce Wolkowitz and Bonni Benrubi—Morell photographs vivid cityscapes projected onto unexpected surfaces, like the gravel rooftop seen at right. “It involves a huge amount of work to create something my daughter could make in Photoshop in two seconds,” he says.

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